the sudden happening of summer

the sudden happening of summer

Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus, Eckernförde (DE)
installation by SOLID
sand, water, printed matter

In Eckernförde, a summer hotspot on the Baltic Sea, the artist group SOLID questions the potential of sculpture in a place that has escaped the classical art scene, an “off-space” in a narrower, literal sense.

The exhibition shows the well-known holiday feelings of freedom, autonomy and desire, and picks up the question of the visitor, how to carry these feelings home. In a collective sculptural installation, like an artistic pop-up store, the tourists are given imaginative bridges of memory.

Collages, based on real existing works of the artists, are finding a new sculptural body in the form of a souvenir. These souvenirs can leave the conventional exhibition space and position themselves in the real life of the holiday inhabitants.

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