A pleasant walk

The walk //// whether one strolls early in the morning, with the dewdrops glittering in the morning sun, or treads in boots on a stormy autumn day, it is certainly a pleasant walk (…) ///// The one asks, through its forceful presence, for surroundings offering counterweight; another needs primarily space in order to be seen at all //// The alternation of light and shadow, the seasonal color change of the greenery, rained or snowed upon, every alteration in the context or condition lends depth to the perception of the sculptures /////

A pleasant walk is a project by SOLID

works by

Selina Baumann | Musa and Stipa | ceramics
Romina Farkas | Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolet | mixed media
Anneke Kleimann | Observing Saturn (2001-2029) | whitewood, gold lack
Margot Zweers | ruimtebeschrijving, tekening, bank | MDF, metal, plywood, paint