is pas d’espace

Is Pas d’Espace


PARK Tilburg

exhibition with Maud van den Beuken, Loek Grootjans & Margot Zweers

Margot Zweers – Flat Objects #17 t/m 22
wood, multiplex, paint
(pictures by Henk Geraedts, courtesy PARK Tilburg, Margot Zweers & Maud van den Beuken)

Maud van den Beuken, Loek Grootjans and Margot Zweers investigate space. Like the French writer Georges Perec, they act on the belief that space can only be understood by segmenting, imagining or obsessively describing it. In tangible and visible works they explore space physically, while the space between things remains transparent and elusive. Is Pas d’Espace is a bilingual title, taken from the book Espèces d’espaces by Perec. Pas d’espace translates from French as: ‘no space’. By placing ‘is’ in front of it, the Dutch translation indicates ‘it is real, it is real space.’ Space is, in short, a doubt. It is something that we constantly have to redefine.
(text by Liza Voetman)

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in which different approaches to ‘space’ come together. The artists have invited others – with various professions (such as a pilot and architect) – to give their vision on space. The large window in PARK is the carrier of this information, on which text and images are ‘superimposed’ on the space. This perspective invites you to look at the exhibition from different angles and thoughts.

With texts and contributions by André Kuipers, Carl Sagan, Ali Haji, Loek Grootjans, &Hedwig Houben, Maarten Kleinhans, Georges Perec, Hendrik Driessen, Fenna Koot, K. Schippers, Laura Schippers, Maud van den Beuken, Margot Zweers, Marinus van Dijke and Lenny Waasdorp.

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